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Bosley’s Place Inc., is a nursery and sanctuary for neonatal and underage homeless and orphaned puppies. Founded in 2014 by Jennifer Siegel after a foster experience that changed her and a few other people’s and dogs lives. It happened on a late Friday afternoon in early September while she was at a local Animal Shelter completing volunteer orientation forms. Jennifer has 2 dogs of her own; she was planning to bath and walk the dogs to help them find furever homes. Call it the right place at the right time but little 1lb 2oz, Bosley was brought in and in need of an immediate foster, one willing to provide care for a neonatal puppy. Jennifer watched the team make many failed attempts to locate one and then inquired herself, what does it take to be a foster? She soon found out. What she also found out was that had she not been there, this little guy may have been subject to euthanization.

What many people don’t know is that most, if not all, humane organizations cannot intake underage puppies because they a) do not have the personnel to provide the special attention these little ones need and, b) a puppy under 8 weeks that has not been weaned from its mother will not have an immune system substantial enough to survive in that environment.

Shortly after Bosley was weaned from the bottle and became a bouncing bundle of puppy love, Jennifer decided that this is a very under-served area in our Animal Welfare community and decided to focus her efforts towards correcting this and helping to save these little loves lives.


Jennifer Siegel, is the Founder and Director of Bosley’s Place Inc., prior to it’s inception in 2014, she was the Business Director at Blue Mark Studios and was responsible for business strategy, marketing and sales, as well as working with clients to plan and facilitate their events. Prior to joining Blue Mark, Jennifer served as the Vice President of AdMonsters, an association for online advertising professionals, where she oversaw US operations, sponsor relations and developed US and European classroom training and an on-demand remote access training division for association members. Subsequently, Jennifer served as President of Sensor Products, a New Jersey based tactile sensor manufacturer and distributor.

In all of her roles Jennifer was not only responsible for creating, developing and executing new revenue models, she was also charged with identifying and implementing cost-savings initiatives. Independently, Jennifer has been a guest speaker on a variety of topics, such as; (i) ebusiness marketing and strategy, (ii) online advertising and the use of social media for small businesses, (iii) Baking Classes, including “Pastries for your Pooch” and “The Art of Pie” and (iiii) Extreme Couponing. Through her 25+ year career in business she has always had one thing in common in every role – she always took her dogs to work.

Jennifer now shares her home with Reuben, a Bloodhound/Great Pyrenese mix, the infamous Bosley, an American Pitbull mix, Bruno, an American Bulldog/Labrador mix and countless bottle-fed baby puppies that are lucky enough to have found their way to Bosley’s Place.